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TLILIC2001 Forklift Training and Licensing

We come to you! LF Forklift Log Book Training.
Don’t send your staff off site for 2-3 days and lose their productivity.
Designed specifically for the needs of business, our Forklift Training and Assessment Course delivers a Nationally Recognised Outcome.

TLILIC2001 – Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck

1st Visit – we conduct formal training in your workplace including theory, safe work procedures, workplace safety, hazard identification, forklift components, operation and dynamics. Training plan formalisation and Log Book sign up.

2nd Visit – Once the trainee has completed 40 hours of work in the log book, we return and conduct the formal Workplace Health and Safety Assessment – theory and practical, and complete the required paperwork.

Prices start from $450.00 per person

GROUP DISCOUNTS APPLY and course includes all training and assessment, theory and practical work, training materials and tools.

Minimum Requirements

Firstly there are some basic requirements that need to be covered off before we can come and deliver our workplace training and assessments.

•You will need to be 18 years and over and provide photographic Identification
•Have a basic understanding of English, writing and reading skills
•Access to the appropriate equipment for the duration of the course
•A lunch room or office to conduct theory training with minimal distraction
•A sizeable area to demonstrate effective and safe driving of a forklift
•Suitable loads to be shifted
•Fully enclosed footwear
•$150 Deposit per person paid a minimum of 3 days prior to commencement

Licence Processing Fees
Licence processing fees are payable to Worksafe QLD when lodging the forklift licence application on completion of the course.