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A few of the benefits

Upon completion of our courses you will receive the accredication to gain better employment prospects, manage your staff and increase the credibility of your business.

Compact Services QLD deliver high quality outcomes with a focus on being competitive in the market place, the benefits are you recieve value for money. We also offer group discounts and the added benefit of training your staff onsite, minimising downtime and the expense of off site training.

As we all learn at varying levels, onsite group training has the added advantages of colleagues being able to assist it other with recall long after we’re gone.

Compact Services QLD offer a range of WHS, OHS and accredited courses to increase your or your employees workplace skills.


Our Trainers are Fully qualified, experienced and personable teaching experts that not only ensure you gain the right knowledge but you also enjoy the learning experience.


Just to Recap

  • Nationally Accredited Training face to face (online coming soon)
  • Fully qualified and experienced Trainers
  • Forklift Training and Licensing at employer’s premises
  • Trainers that have a back ground of owning and operating their own business
  • Fully audited and approved Training Materials by ASQA/NVR
  • The latest version of all Training Packages
  • VOC of selected plant in line with the 2011 Work Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Full access to our administration staff who are trained in RTO operations and customer service.
  • The ability to contextualise training materials so that the maximum outcomes required by clients is achieved.
  • The expertise to train your staff in all aspects of Occupational Health and Safety to meet legislative and licensing requirements.
  • The willingness to attend training review meetings to discuss trainee progress on a monthly basis.
  • We will create a Client Data Base that will be made available to clients to track and assess their trainees progress.
  • Industry experience to develop training materials for non accredited training such as HACCP, Manual Handling, Forklift Refesher and short workshops on introduction to the workplace for potential employees and unemployed Job Seekers.


Compact Services Qld is a privately owned Registered Training Organisation that works with clients that have requested repeat training for their staff in some cases for the past 10 years. We continue to work with these clients as the training we deliver has produced tangible results and an improved return on investment.

Through vastly experienced trainers delivering training for our clients we have not only developed the students, we have mentored supervisory staff in to becoming more knowledgeable, trusted leaders.

The trainers delivering training for Compact Services Qld are shareholders in our business and as such are devoted to achieving results for our clients.

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